Huntingburg Airport Technology Park

The Huntingburg Airport welcomes any aeronautical/aviation business to the Huntingburg Airport Technology Park (HATP).

We also provide aviation or aerospace supply chain assistance, by sourcing options for customers to consider:

  • Engineering Consulting for navigating the FAA certification processes
  • Engineering resources
  • Composite production capacities
  • Composite resources
  • CNC resources
  • Aviation/Aerospace manufacturing expertise
  • FAA TC/PC experience

This Technology Park is over 200 acres of property ideally situated for development in partnership with aeronautical/aviation businesses.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) accepted our Technology Park into their “Shovel Ready” program (2011), expediting the process to start a business in the Park.

The following document was prepared for aeronautical business to assist in the site selection process.

HATP Decision Matrix June 2015


Over 200 acres of property ready for aerospace/aviation companies.


The Technology Park now welcomes EB-5 proposals for developing infrastructure that would attract aeronautical/aviation business.

Ideally, a business proposal would include a manufacturing/assembly facility, along with a partner company interested in producing aerospace products or services.

Please feel free to contact the airport manager with your idea or proposal.

Starting in 2017 we offer assisted to aeronautical/aviation businesses in their supply chain management. Specifically, if they are looking for another bid or quoting sub-contract work out, we find alternatives, FAA certified or not.