FAA: Huntingburg Airport, a National and Regional asset…

According to a published report by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) the Huntingburg Airport is viewed as a General Aviation Airport of National and Regional significance.

A copy of the FAA report can be found: http://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/ga_study/

The study categorized all General Aviation Airports into four selections: Basic, Local, Regional and National.

The Huntingburg Airport is a Regional Airport, one of only sixteen in the State of Indiana.

Mike Cummings, Board president indicated, “This shows the contribution the Huntingburg Airport has on the local economy and business, as can be seen from their investment of private capital over the past years.”

“When the FAA indicates the value of one corporate business jet, we finally get recognition for our efforts through the years we deserve with over seven business jets based here”.

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