Huntingburg Regional Airport: Available Services

The Huntingburg Regional Airport is delighted to serve the public in offering multiple services, that are not available at most surrounding General Aviation airports. Included in the offerings to the public are not limited to:

  • Full Service FBO – the DCAA offers full services to the flying public, including mobile fuel delivery to your aircraft, GPU’s and a courtesy car
  • Aircraft Rental – please call 812-683-5454, DCAA in reference to renting aircraft
  • Hangar Space – dependent upon the need and term, hangar space is available from the DCAA
  • Flight Instruction – anyone from 14 to 80+ years old can earn a private pilot license. Two options are available: by contacting Randy at FLA (First Landing Associates) 812-six three one – 5141 or DCAA 812-68three-545four with CFI’s (Dustin Betz at 812-sixThree1-8sixFourthree) and (Tony Rhodes 812-seven1nine-8three39)

We have assembled the information below for the benefit of those interested in getting their private pilots license.

  • Q. Where can I obtain my private pilot’s license?

    A. Right here at the Huntingburg Regional Airport. Two options – Dubois County Airport Authority (DCAA – 812-683-5454) and FLA (First Landing Associates – 812-6 three one -4151) both  have aircraft and instructors available. FLA has the “high-wing” Cessna and DCAA has the “low-wing” Piper available. It’s often been compared to the FORD vs. the Chevrolet!! We prefer to let the customer have a choice of their aircraft!

    Q. How much does it cost to obtain my private pilot’s license?

    A. Between $9,000.00 and $14,000.00 dollars. This is a difficult question to answer because the cost really depends upon the student. Some students seem to be quicker at applying what is learned in the classroom than others, and some students have the time to pursue their license more aggressively by taking two or more lessons a week. The actual cost on average for most students is between $9,000.00 and $14,000.00. That amount includes most major hidden costs such as, flight physicals, textbooks and other required material, FAA testing etc.

    The cost of the instruction airplane is currently $130-160.00/hr and (CFI) instructor is $35-45.00/hr for a total of +/-$195.00 per flight hour. Ground school, which is classroom time with the (CFI) instructor, is $35-45.00 per hour.

    Q. How long does it take to obtain my private pilot’s license?

    A. If a student can stay with the lesson plan or two sessions a week and is diligent, it can be done in an average of six (6) months. That being said, we have had students that have accomplished getting their license in a little as four months, and we have also had students that have taken several years. So, the answer is it’s really up to the student. There are always circumstances beyond everyone’s control such as sickness, weather, instructor availability, equipment issues etc, which can slow the instruction process down.

    Q. How much flight time is required?

    A. The FAA requires a minimum of forty (40) hours of total flight time (20 solo & 20 with CFI); however, that is most unlikely to happen. Most students, on “average” will spend about 55-65 hours of flight time before being fully prepared for a FAA check ride.

    Q. What can I do with a private pilot license?

    A. Pilot’s that have obtained their private pilots license can carry passengers and fly anywhere they wish in a single engine aircraft, as long as it is done so in compliance with all FAA rules and regulations. A private pilot is restricted to fly under visual flight rules, in a nutshell that means, you must be able to see the ground and avoid clouds that would restrict your vision. The next step for a private pilot would be to gain experience as a VFR pilot, then consider obtaining their instrument license.

    Q. After I earn my pilots license, will there be anything available to fly?

    A. Yes, the same plane you take your lessons in is also a rental plane, and will be available to rent. We do allow the plane to be used for trips depending upon flight schedules etc. Additionally, you can get checked out in the “other” aircraft available to rent, which provides another opportunity to learn and challenge your flying skills, making a better more efficient pilot!

    Q. Do you offer an upcoming Ground School for getting my private pilots license?

    A. Yes, the DCAA is planning to offer an Accelerated Ground School (AGS) this when we have 5 students ready to sign up, which would consist of 2.5 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and cost between $575.00 – $625.00. The expectation of the students is to get the FAA Written Exam completed within 7 days of completing the AGS, which allows the student to focus on the flying aspect of the license. Interested? Please sign up or call 812-683-5454.

    Q. What next step can I do, or who can I contact to schedule something?

    A. Choices:

    • At DCAA, contact (Dustin Betz  (812) 6three1-864three or (Tony Rhodes (812)-seven1nine-8three39 or
      ) to schedule the Piper Warrior and time to start
    • At First Landing Associates – FLA, contact (CFII) Randy Caldemeyer to schedule the Cessna 172 and time to start