Flying Higher: Dream career pathway launched from Huntingburg

HUNTINGBURG, IN (October 27, 2022) – Colin Smith, a double major (Aviation Management & Unmanned Systems) graduate of Indiana State University, has created excitement at two southern Indiana regional airports.

Huntingburg Regional Airport was home to the Holland native and Southridge High School graduate for the summer as the intern working hand-in-hand with the airport staff.

Smith applied for the mentorship/internship program in April of 2022, to experience the airport’s daily operations and to gain practical hands-on knowledge.

Huntingburg has an established CTE (Career Technical Education) STEM program partnership through Patoka Valley Career and Technical Cooperative, where regional high school students can participate in the internship designed to introduce candidates to aviation career opportunities.

“Smith did everything we do here, including small things overlooked by college graduates like cleaning restrooms and push mowing grass,” Travis McQueen, Huntingburg manager, advised. “He showed progressive leadership by getting those jobs done, and single-handily responded to a disabled jet aircraft at another airport (Orange County), helped get it back in the air, by applying his new found experiences and skills!”

After a statewide search, gaining on-the-job training and receiving written recommendations from INDOT Manager Martin Blake and McQueen, the Seymour Airport Authority hired Smith as the new Seymour Airport Manager (Jackson County). He stepped into the new role on Wednesday, October 26.

“You can take what you learned in college, now forget it; this is how things get done,” said Andy Kippenbrock, a 19-year veteran airport employee who walked Smith through various learning experiences at the airport.

Being able to step into the new job fulfills a longtime goal for Smith.

“Working in an airport environment has been my dream job since childhood,” he said.

And being able to help someone develop a passion for the aviation industry and go on to achieve their dream job validates the internship/mentorship program offered at the Huntingburg Regional through its local partners.

“That excitement around Smith, who spent the summer job shadowing all aspects of managing a general aviation airport, makes for a great career pathway launched from Huntingburg,” said Jim Hunsicker, board president of the Dubois County Airport Authority.

AGS – Accelerated Ground School, a prep for passing the FAA written

We have scheduled our next AGS – Accelerated Ground School for fall of 2018 on September 29th and 30th, at the Huntingburg Airport, in the public Terminal building!

What is AGS-Accelerated Ground School?

Accelerated Ground School is a great first step in attaining your goal of becoming a FAA Certificated Private Pilot, by prepping you as a student.

Two major obstacles stand between you and your private pilot’s license (PPL).

They are:

  1. the FAA Written exam, which has to be passed with a score of 70 or better, out of 100 questions and
  2. the Practical Exam, with a DPE (designated pilot examiner); the Practical Exam is taken upon completing FAA requirements of a minimum 40 hrs of flight time logged and being physically able to demonstrate the required maneuvers

AGS provides students with the most “bang for their buck and time” to pass the FAA written.

AGS is a 2 day course, taken over one weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

At the conclusion of course and passing of the class exam, the instructor will sign the student off for the written exam to be taken within 3 days.

Studies have shown that the students best probabilities to pass the exam are within 3 days of completing an Accelerated Ground School and being prepared through online practice test’s.

Instructor for this course is a FAA certified CFI, from Indianapolis, IN!

September 29th & 30th (Saturday and Sunday)

If you are interested in participating, please register early, as we have limited seating capacity at:

Registration Form

Please note that this class is a go, regardless!!

Purdue, Vincennes propose partnership to boost Dubois County engineering education

Did you know that you can receive a Purdue Engineering Degree from VUJC, right here in Dubois County?

VINCENNES, Ind. – Students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in engineering will benefit from an expanded formal articulation agreement between Purdue University and Vincennes University.

“The resources of each institution are leveraged to create a seamless program of study,” said Dr. Paul Wilder, dean of VU’s College of Science and Mathematics.  “The purpose of this agreement is to provide for the smooth transfer of VU engineering students to Purdue University-West Lafayette to complete their Bachelor of Science degree in one of 15 engineering disciplines.”

Also, the new articulation agreement allows for credits earned at Purdue to be transferred back and applied to a VU degree, benefitting students who transfer to Purdue prior to completion of all requirements for a VU associate’s degree.  This enables the students who earn applicable course credits at Purdue to receive a VU degree, as well.

Specifically, the agreement is between the VU College of Science and Mathematics and the Colleges of Engineering and Agriculture at Purdue-West Lafayette.  Faculty at both colleges will evaluate the agreement on a two-year review cycle.

“Many students have transferred from VU to Purdue through the years to pursue science, agriculture, and engineering degrees.  This agreement will strengthen the relationship between our universities and ensure that students will benefit from the cooperative transfer process,” Wilder explained.

Participating Purdue programs include, but are not limited to:  Agricultural Engineering Machine Systems, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Students entering an engineering program at VU with the goal of achieving a bachelor’s degree from Purdue will have a clearly defined sequence of courses to be completed at VU and then at Purdue.  VU recently redesigned its first-year engineering curriculum to provide the same “meta major” experience offered by Purdue, giving students more flexibility in deciding which engineering field they want to pursue.  Academic counselors at both institutions will provide coordinated advising to students about accomplishing their engineering educational goals.

“Purdue’s College of Engineering is committed to forming collaborations with other institutions of higher education in the State of Indiana,” says Leah Jamieson, the John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering at Purdue.  “In the past we have had an informal process for the transfer of students from Vincennes University to the College of Engineering at Purdue.  This articulation agreement provides clear guidance to help students move seamlessly between the institutions.”

“It takes a significant body of work to forge an articulation agreement such as this.  It is a credit to the faculty at both institutions to have accomplished this noble effort on behalf of our students,” Wilder remarked.


For additional information:,-vincennes-propose-partnership-to-boost-s.-indiana-engineering-education.html

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FAA: Huntingburg Airport, a National and Regional asset…

According to a published report by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) the Huntingburg Airport is viewed as a General Aviation Airport of National and Regional significance.

A copy of the FAA report can be found:

The study categorized all General Aviation Airports into four selections: Basic, Local, Regional and National.

The Huntingburg Airport is a Regional Airport, one of only sixteen in the State of Indiana.

Mike Cummings, Board president indicated, “This shows the contribution the Huntingburg Airport has on the local economy and business, as can be seen from their investment of private capital over the past years.”

“When the FAA indicates the value of one corporate business jet, we finally get recognition for our efforts through the years we deserve with over seven business jets based here”.

Airport Deemed “Shovel Ready” by State

For immediate release: Nov 21, 2011
Posted by: [IEDC]
Contact: Katelyn Hancock
Phone: 317.234.2294

Thirteen Indiana Sites Score State Designation for Speedier Development

INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 21, 2011) – Thirteen sites across Indiana earned the title of ‘shovel ready’ today, paving the way for businesses to quickly locate new operations on property ready for development.


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